Hood Cleaning Services by HOODS HAWAII

Hoods Hawaii cleans the entire exhaust system.

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Reduces Grease Risks

Kitchen exhausts are a haven for trapped grease that can turn into a significant fire risk. Large and commercial kitchens know the importance of staying on top of grease accumulation. Grease and other airborne exhaust particles can become an unhealthy and hazardous concern around food preparation, so it helps to have effective periodic cleaning.

Grease from the kitchen travels into the hood, through the vent hood filters, into ductwork that leads to the exhaust fan on the roof. Grease is a fuel that can ignite with a simple spark from the kitchen cooking line and spread throughout the attic and onto the roof in seconds causing severe damage and potential loss of life. The owner of the exhaust system has the ultimate responsibility to ensure the exhaust system is safe.

From the Rooftop to Cooktop – A Standard of Cleanliness

HOODS HAWAII, LLC cleans from the rooftop to cooktop to ensure that your exhaust system is completely cleaned to the NFPA Standard-96. Many of our competitors clean in only the areas you can see, which is an incomplete job by our measurement. They leave the areas people do not see alone, and this is where the potential dangers are. HOODS HAWAII, LLC cleans the hood, the ductwork, the fan, and the roof, if need be. We even prove it through our Picture Verification System, which we provide on every clean!

“Safety First” is a Good Motto

Having your exhaust system cleaned regularly is not only for the safety of your customers, employees, and your building; the law mandates that it be done. Click here to see the NFPA law on how often your exhaust system needs to be inspected. “Safety First” is a good motto to keep in mind when it comes to getting hoods and exhaust systems sparkling clean.

Regular cleaning by Hoods Hawaii reduces the risk of fires.

What to Expect From HOODS HAWAII

Step One, Easy Scheduling:
All HOODS HAWAII customers are entered into our proprietary scheduling software, which automatically alerts us when your exhaust system needs to be inspected in the future. Stay a step ahead by planning ahead with us!

Step Two, Inspection, Cleaning, and Photographing:
Once HOODS HAWAII arrives at your restaurant, we perform a systematic inspection of your entire exhaust system from the rooftop to the cooktop. We offer a complete, fully validated, comprehensive report documenting our work through specific photographic inspections. The HOODS HAWAII Picture Verification System provides confirmation that the work performed followed consistent, transparent, standardized procedures ensuring that the cleaning process complies with provisions of NFPA Standard-96, insurance, fire inspections, health departments, and all applicable federal, state and local laws.

Step Three, Invoicing Made Easy:
Once all work has been verified, HOODS HAWAII generates an invoice that can be mailed, emailed, or faxed depending on the restaurant owner’s preference. For national or regional accounts, HOODS HAWAII can provide consolidated billing and account management.

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