Fire Suppression Inspection Services by HOODS HAWAII

Fire Suppression System Inspection & Maintenance

Contact Hoods Hawaii to have your fire suppression system inspected. Have your fire suppression system inspected regularly by Hoods Hawaii.

As of May 1st 2014, HOODS HAWAII, LLC is now licensed to inspect and maintain kitchen fire suppression systems. This important service is necessary to keep commercial kitchens operating safely and incompliance with national fire codes.

Fire suppression systems in the U.S. are governed by the codes under the NFPA. Fire suppression systems are commonly used on heavy power equipment. Suppression systems use a combination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires. Suppression systems have become a necessity to several industries as they help control damage and loss to equipment. Common means of detection are through heat sensors, wiring, or manual detection (depending on system selection).

Grease is a Big Problem for Fire Safety

Grease can be easily ignited in solid, liquid or vapor form. The statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) indicate that in an average year there are 11,100 structure fires in eating and drinking establishments in the United States. These fires result in six civilian deaths, 189 civilian injuries and $163.1 million in direct property damage.

1. Half of these fires start in the kitchen. Some type of cooking equipment causes two of every five fires in eating and drinking establishments. Deep fat fryers ranked second in fires in eating and drinking establishments and ranked first in dollar amount for cooking equipment.

2. The other major causes of cook line kitchen fires included stoves, ovens, open fire grills, and grease hood or ductwork.

3. All of these major kitchen fires began on a cook line beneath an exhaust canopy hood equipped with some type of automatic fire suppression system.

Grease is a big problem for fire safety, and provides a number of challenges that commercial kitchens must manage on a regular basis. Trust HOODS HAWAII to keep your operation running smoothly and safely.

Don’t Become a Statistic! HOODS HAWAII Solves the Grease Problem

What happens after a flame ignites depends on the quality and frequency of your exhaust hood and fire suppression system. Don’t become a statistic, or lose your business by a preventable fire due to improperly trained and insured hood cleaners. Let HOODS HAWAII keep you, your staff, your customers, and your facility safe from the hazard of grease!

Our Photo Inspection Program

HOODS HAWAII’s Photo Inspection Program is a key element in our quality control program and commitment to transparent communication with our customers.

All jobs will be documented with pictures of the kitchen exhaust systems and made available to our customers, providing assurance that their facilities are being maintained to code and operating safely. Photo reports provide verification of NFPA 96 compliance and identify areas, which need to be followed up.

The following pictures are representative of the job photos taken:

  • Hoods Hawaii Work Order with restaurant name, location and date
  • Before pictures documenting any pre-existing condition
  • Complete before pictures showing outside of hood(s).
  • Kitchen hoods before filters are removed
  • Cleaned access panel
  • Cleaned fan unit (verify hinge kits) and surrounding roof area
  • Intakes of all cleaned fans
  • Cleaned vertical ductwork view from rooftop
  • Outside of horizontal ductwork to verify access panels
  • View up the stacks for each vertical from the hood
  • Down horizontals from the hood
  • Back of the filter rails, top and bottom.
  • Completed hoods with filters out
  • Completed hoods with filters properly in place.

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