Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services by HOODS HAWAII

Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Maintenance on the Big Island

Hoods Hawaii runs a mobile fire extinguisher inspection refill and inspection operation. Hoods Hawaii can inspect and maintain your fire extinguishers.

As of January 1, 2014, HOODS HAWAII is licensed to inspect, maintain, recharge, and hydrostatic charge fire extinguisher units, and is the only MOBILE FIRE EXTINGUISHER REFILL & INSPECTION operation serving the entire Big Island of Hawaii.

The HOODS HAWAII staff takes a certain amount of pride in being the only mobile fire extinguisher inspection and refill service on the Big Island. We apply our same, stringent standards to our fire extinguisher service. Our extinguisher inspection and maintenance service is another way HOODS HAWAII shares the concern over fire safety with our customers. It is also another way that we extend our high-quality service to a variety of businesses around the island.

Fire extinguishers that HOODS HAWAII services include:

Also available, call for more info:

  • Class B:C Water Mist
  • Class A Water & Foam
  • Class A:B Water & Foam
  • Class A:B:C:K Wet Chemical
  • Class D Dry Powder
  • Class B:C Purple K Dry Chemical

Accessories Available Through HOODS HAWAII:

  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
  • Fire Cabinet Alarms
  • Exit Lighting
  • Emergency Flood Lighting

Fire Extinguisher Classes:

Class A – Ordinary Combustibles: wood, paper, rubber, fabrics, and many plastics.

Class B – Flammable Liquids & Gases: gasoline, oils, paint, lacquer and tar.

Class C – Fires Involving Live Electrical Equipment.

Class D – Combustible Metals or Combustible Metal Alloys.

Class K – Fires in Cooking Appliances That Involve Combustible Cooking Media: vegetable or animal oils and fats.

All fire extinguishers that we service are inspected and recharged in accordance with federal, state, and county requirements by a competent person. We however, do not assume any responsibility for malfunction; as such imperfect performance may be due to causes beyond our control.

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Devoted exclusively to ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations. HOODS HAWAII can help customize a cleaning program to fit your needs, and our mobile service keeps extinguishers charged.